Thursday, June 7, 2018

Former Maryville woman accused of being international scam artist

Mair "Marianne Smyth" was featured in her local paper. CLICK HERE to read the article from their online version. I copy and pasted it below as well.

Former Maryville woman accused of being international scam artist

A former Maryville woman is set to appear in a Los Angeles court on charges of grand theft after she allegedly played an elaborate series of confidence tricks to steal more than $75,000 from a man over the course of years.
Marianne Elizabeth Smyth — who has at various points gone by Mairaine O’Clerigh, Marianne Andle and close to a dozen other aliases — is accused of being a lifelong con artist by Johnathan Walton, a reality TV producer behind shows like “Shark Tank” and “American Ninja Warrior.”
Walton met Smyth in 2013 and until last year believed she was a royal Irish woman being cheated out of an inheritance worth millions by her estranged family.
In reality, she was born in Maine and raised in Maryville, and had through the years racked up a long rap sheet of fraud-related charges across the country, including Blount County, records show.
Guilty in 2017 case
Walton’s suspicions were raised after Smyth was convicted in 2017 of embezzling close to $200,000 from her former employer, the L.A.-based travel agency After hiring a private investigator, he claimed he discovered the truth.
Now he is making a documentary about his ordeal and said he has found dozens of victims across the country.
Additionally, police in Northern Ireland are seeking Smyth after she allegedly conned several neighbors and an employer out of thousands of British pounds while she lived there for several years in the 2000s.
Man alleges affairs, blackmail
Walton says her usual method was to begin affairs with married men, then blackmail them for money. As a result, he said there are probably many more victims but that they are unwilling to come forward.
“I’m ashamed, too,” he said, “but my desire for justice is much stronger. So I acted.”
Walton met Smyth in 2013 when she moved into his apartment building. She said she worked for a luxury travel agency and treated Walton and other friends out to expensive dinners and gifts.
“We loved her immediately,” Walton said. “Then it started.”
Smyth told Walton that her family in Ireland was trying to push her out of her $25 million inheritance by framing her for a felony, referring to the actual felony charges being pressed against her by her former employer.
Walton said he thinks she chose the story specifically to resonate with him because as an openly gay man, he told her he had been alienated from his own family.
Smyth allegedly impersonated imaginary family members by using several different Google Voice accounts, a technique she had used effectively in other scams in the past, he claims.
“She’s brilliant,” Walton said. “If she just applied that creativity and skills, she could be an award-winning screenwriter in Hollywood.”
Smyth is alleged to have used a variety of techniques on her victims.
While working for the L.A. travel agency, Smyth also ran a fortune-telling business called “Orchid Psychics.” Several reviews on from former clients accuse her of using personal information shared during palm readings to file for credit cards in their names.
The accusations echo a complaint made by one of Smyth’s daughters  to Alcoa police in April 2017. She told police that her mother had wrongfully used her identity to obtain an apartment lease in Los Angeles.
Smyth also ran several small businesses in East Tennessee. Internet archives show that through 2010, Smyth ran a catering business out of Pigeon Forge called Celtic Catering, as well as a travel planning business called Holiday Helper.
Smyth lived in the Maryville area from 1993 to the early 2000s, when she moved to Ireland for several years and married a man there whom she met online. She relocated to the Los Angeles area in 2009.
Her name continues to appear in the Blount County area on utility records and driver’s license information. Her name most recently was associated with an apartment on Merritt Road for the month of June of last year.
Additional associated addresses are spread throughout Maryville, Alcoa, Townsend and Pigeon Forge.
The Blount County Sheriff’s Office reports that Smyth was arrested by deputies in 1997 on a warrant from a different agency for writing hot checks. Another record shows her having been jailed for contempt in 1994, though no reason is listed.
Smyth’s rap sheet also includes several arrests in Sarasota County, Fla., on charges of larceny and fraud.
Smyth, who was arrested by Los Angeles police in April, has her next court date scheduled for June 11.
Walton said he’s “not terribly relaxed and comfortable that she’s going to face retribution.”
At her pre-trial hearing in May, Smyth arrived at the courthouse in crutches, in what Walton said was a stunt to gain sympathy from the judge.

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