Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Did Con Artist Marianne "Mair" Smyth scam this nail salon?

I was contacted on Social Media about a woman matching the description of Convicted Felon Marianne Smyth aka "Mair Smyth" running out of a Newport Beach nail salon without paying. 

The last known guy Marianne Smyth was dating/scamming lived in Newport Beach. Coincidence? 

The owner of the salon posted the picture and plea above on her social media. 

On Jan 9th 2019 Marianne Smyth was found GUILTY in Los Angeles Criminal Court of scamming me out of $75,000. The jury deliberated a total of 3 hours and convicted her of Grand Theft by Inducement. 

Four victims testified against her. She did not testify in her own defense and had no witnesses testify on her behalf. She sat in court with no emotion on her face. No remorse. No regret. As witness after witness told the court how she scammed them. After the jury left the courtroom cuffs were slapped on Smyth's wrists and she was led away to jail. The judge sentenced her to 5 years. She'll have to serve at least 2 .5 years; unless she's a problem inmate then they'll make her serve the full five.