Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth" FAKED CANCER to avoid paying rent.

Many months when rent was due Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth" would send an e-mail to our landlord saying she had cancer and was in the hospital getting either surgery or chemotherapy.

Our landlord felt sorry for her, as any decent human being would, and let Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth" forego paying rent for months.

Eventually though, after many months, because our building is corporate owned, our landlord was forced to evict her. But she got out of paying more than $12,000 in rent using the cancer scam.

Who would lie about having cancer? Marianne Smyth.

If you're new to the blog... here's the background on Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth"  


I'm a Journalist. Having worked in the news business for more than 10 years and won numerous awards for my reporting, I thought I had seen it all. 

That is, until Mair Smyth crossed my path. 

This blog is a journalistic chronicle of how Mair Smyth - legal name "Marianne Elizabeth Smyth" AKA "Marianne Smyth" - managed to scam $75,000 out of me and thousands more from many others.

Other Known Aliases: 
"Marianne Andle" 
"Marianne E. Andle" 
"Marianne Elizabeth Andle"
"Barianne E Welch" 
"Mariane Smyth"  
"Mariane E. Smyth"  
"Marianne E Andle" 
"Marianne E Welch"
"Marianne Welch"
"Marianne Elizabeth Welch"

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