Friday, May 19, 2017

Mair Smyth aka Marianne Elizabeth Smyth is wanted by Police in Northern Ireland

A Detective from Downpatrick CID in Northern Ireland called me. Police in Belfast have been looking for Mair "Marianne Smyth" for YEARS.

He said Mair "Marianne Smyth" worked in mortgages back in 2008 in Ireland. She took payment of $120,000 pounds for a house and then disappeared with the money.

He also said she scammed a few thousand pounds (dollars) from other neighbors and people she befriended in her town using crazy made up stories.

He reconfirmed what I already knew... that Mair "Marianne Smyth" is not Irish or Northern Irish. She moved to Northern Ireland in 2001 and quickly married local Stephen Smyth who she met online when she was in Tennessee.

Downpatrick CID is reopening the case on her.

Now that Northern Irish authorities know where she is (Los Angeles) they're going to make an extradition request. She's already on probation here for her conviction of stealing $190,000 from Pacific so this should intensify the case against her.

I'm a Journalist. Having worked in the news business for more than 10 years and won numerous awards for my reporting, I thought I had seen it all. 

That is, until Mair Smyth crossed my path. 

This blog is a journalistic chronicle of how Mair Smyth - legal name "Marianne Elizabeth Smyth" AKA "Marianne Smyth" - managed to scam $75,000 out of me and thousands more from many others.

Other Known Aliases: 
"Marianne Andle" 
"Marianne E. Andle" 
"Marianne Elizabeth Andle"
"Barianne E Welch" 
"Mariane Smyth"  
"Mariane E. Smyth"  
"Marianne E Andle" 
"Marianne E Welch"
"Marianne Welch"
"Marianne Elizabeth Welch"

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