Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mair "Marianne Smyth" appeared in court today in custody...

The judge is releasing Mair "Marianne Smyth"  later today until LAPD files charges for her scamming people to pay her plea agreement in the Pacific Islands case. Hopefully charges will be filed soon. Possibly in the next few days or weeks. Then they'll arrest her again.

A lot of other victims have been coming forward with stories of how she scammed them. From 2010-2014 she reportedly targeted 6 different married men she met on various "Want to cheat on your wife" websites. Engaged in explicit affairs with them. And then blackmailed them for money... and threatened to reveal the affair to their wives. All of them paid her off. Some of those men are divorced now and eager to press charges.

She also told A LOT of different people that she had cancer to gain sympathy and get out of paying stuff like rent.

FYI she does not have cancer. And she is not in chemo. But she did use that scam A LOT to get out of appointments. And it worked like a charm. I mean... who would lie about having cancer?

CLICK HERE to learn how CONVICTED FELON Mair Smyth aka "Marianne Smyth" scammed me and many others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other Known Aliases: 
"Marianne Andle" 
"Marianne E. Andle" 
"Marianne Elizabeth Andle"
"Barianne E Welch" 
"Mariane Smyth"  
"Mariane E. Smyth"  
"Marianne E Andle" 
"Marianne E Welch"
"Marianne Welch"
"Marianne Elizabeth Welch"
"Mairaine Ellis Ni Clerigh"  
"Mairaine Ni Clerigh"  
"Mairaine O Clerigh"
"Mairaine Ellis Clarke"
"Mairaine Ellis"

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